Mango Who?


I live vicariously through myself.

I am determined to live a life full of adventures, motivated – but not confined to – only get-on-a-plane type of travel.

When not actually traveling… I am exploring through whatever means possible. This is often, but not limited to :

Family (yours, but mostly mine, asking around for our history, looking at old photos, and most importantly spending time with the loved ones that are still here)

Food (eating, and cooking, but mostly eating – new things and things I’ve tried a million times)

Outdoors (the ocean is my home, but I also love mountains, cities, parks, my balcony, the pool, wherever is new or old, where I can meditate and pray without even trying, where I can hike, or cry or people watch, Churches and then sitting on a bench to reflect )

Running (anywhere with anyone, but mostly alone, fast, or very slow, with or without music, injured or not, when I don’t want to but do it anyway)

Writing (here, or in a notebook, texts, hand written letters, or e-mails and word documents that are stories or poems or short books I should finish, on paper I throw away, on the bathroom mirror with erasable marker, for someone to read when they are older, for therapy, to forget, to remember, to do lists) 

Reading (books, never magazines unless I’m in a waiting room, letters my grandparents wrote me, the ingredients on everything, things I wrote in college, self help books, horror books, Wikipedia, novels, anything on the Oprah book club list I find for 25 cents used, books about running, books given to me as gifts, books on tape when I take long drives)

Films/TV (smart psychological scary, anything witches, travel, cooking, comedy, documentaries, any movie about a book I read, anything in Spanish that makes me time travel to my childhood, shows everyone watched years ago, Pans Labyrinth as often as I can, Holiday Specials, streamed movies on Friday night while eating leftover Thai food)

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