Pardon my French braids.

About a year ago I set out to try to learn to French braid my own hair. When I ran high school cross country and track I loved when my team mates  would French braid my hair on our down time at invitationals. It was so comfortable & light, perfect for running – plus it made your action pictures look better than the normal tight bun or pony tail.

Without team mates I haven’t had my hair in French braids since. The last few years I’ve noticed the trend of wearing these as a normal fashionable hair-do – (outside of being 10 or under, or competing in sports.) To recreate what I saw seemed like learning another language, but I kept seeing so many cute braids and I wanted in!

I googled and googled, studied pictures and diagrams and started watching YouTube videos. One YouTube beauty star created two long beautiful French braids while saying she couldn’t figure this out and never believed would get the hang out of it – but sure enough with practice she became a pro. After exhausted arms, starting over and over, giving up, then trying again I thought she was full of sh*t. I couldn’t get past the beginning,  and I would end up sweating and frustrated.

I kept trying though! Eventually on my niece, who is perfectly content to sit still if she has a favorite movie on. I had a rough couple of starts, but finally something just clicked and once I got past the beginning I kept grabbing hair until I finished a full braid on her tiny head. I was so excited! It took more practice on my tiny model to figure it out on my own head. Now I have it down, and all my co-workers are always like “OMG love your hair, did you do that yourself?”

Yes. I. Did.

FullSizeRender (2)

I saw the braids combined as a bun and had to try, so fun.


Thankful for my little model.


2 thoughts on “Pardon my French braids.

  1. Oscar says:

    She always talks about it as being one of the reasons she loves going over there… inevitably she follows that up with “when are you going to learn to do them, daddy?” — LOL

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