Of course without a doubt my biggest blessing is love. My loved ones are what drive my entire life. Of course I am beyond thankful for my health.  I don’t take it for granted every day my body allows me to walk around and explore. For those things I am eternally grateful.

It’s all the other every day details I want to focus on today:

  • when everyone at work compliments my outfit and I’m like “I know right”
  • when my uncle what’s app’s me with a never before seen picture of my mom when she was 18
  • lunch specials
  • when the perfect song comes on during a long run
  • when my 4 month old nephew smiles at me – he stares right at me, uninterested by anything or anyone else and just smiles right at me
  • when I have leftovers to eat for lunch and they taste better than the night before
  • when my 2 year old niece holds my hand all on her own, not when I ask to so we can cross the street, but when we’re just playing or walking and she reaches up to my hand casually, gets me every time
  • when I park at the roof of my apartment building and I’m just in time to watch to watch the sunset
  • when someone leaves a gift for me on my desk at work
  • leaving work early and hitting all the green lights
  • making spring rolls with my family and eating as many as possible, I personally call mine spring burritos because I always add too many toppings!
  • breakfast in bed
  • when my aunt, who doesn’t know how to use Facebook, and uses my uncle’s account because she locked herself out of hers – tries to message me by commenting on my pictures. I once posted a picture and quote from the Shining and she wrote in all caps “QUIEN ES DANNY???” (who is Danny)
  • when we’re both on board with ordering pizza delivery
  • when you quote Mean Girls in real life or in social media and people STILL get it and think it’s funny, it will never get old, ever, and it will always make me smile
  • when I say something funny at work and everyone laughs, this is my fuel
  • when I get good service, especially at a restaurant, it makes my meal perfect
  • when I ask someone at work how they are, and they don’t answer because they’re too self involved but I end up telling myself I didn’t want to know anyway – THEN someone else walks by and asks what I’m laughing at



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