All Roads Lead to Rome

Once upon a time I was sent to Rome, Italy to film a Rosetta Stone commercial.

The week I was there is probably one of the best weeks. We had a driver, a 5 star hotel ( it had the name Palace in it), make up girl, sound guy, a director, 2 Italian producers, and a camera guy. Every morning I would wake up, get my hair and make up done, eat delicious Italian pastries and drink Italian coffee.

Then we would get picked up by our driver and drive to site seeing area’s (hello!!! my favorite) and film… We would take lunch breaks to have hand made pasta in tiny restaurants, where no English was spoken… drink home made wine, and salads. Then film again.

Then eat some more deliciously hand made pasta, proscuttio and melon, and authentic tiramisu! (difficult, I know).The main part of this trip was seeing these amazing sites, because we got better footage.

The Colosseum.

Filming at a park.

More filming.




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