Edward 40 Hands

In 2009 I had a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. One of them was to play Edward 40 hands. Ashley, my middle school best friend and I were living together. Having never played this either, she was more than happy to join. Our logic was that early 20’s was still acceptable to cross this off the list. We got a group together who all bailed. We stayed so committed that Ashley drove to the store even though her car had overheated. Ralph’s only had one forty. That didn’t stop us. We got 5 32oz to equate the 80 oz we needed, and some duct tape.

We finished in an hour and a half. Fun looking back at this silly challenge, back when the only furniture we had was a couch, we both had flip phones, no internet and an ipod filled with old songs we played on repeat.


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