When You Think Taylor Swift.

Around ten years ago when I first heard Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw” song I was instantly intrigued, it was catchy and sweet – but mostly I wasn’t really sure Tim McGraw was old enough to be sung about in memories like that. Later I read in an interview he wasn’t sure if he should take it as a compliment or an insult, totally on the same page Tim!

I loved her entire country album, she seemed clumsy and mostly very cheesy, but behind the silliness there were a couple of songs that I couldn’t take off repeat. It was entertaining to read her opinions on not straightening her hair for a guy & the fact that she was barely a teenager and writing a lot of her own songs.

Fast forward to ten years later and she’s a cross over artist with always straight hair, grammy’s, movie roles, super model friends, a world famous DJ boyfriend and guests like Beyonce and Jay Z at her birthday parties. I’ll admit to still buying every one of her albums and still admiring her for writing her own songs and having a different edge – even in pop.

I decided this was the year I’d make it to one of her concerts. I went to one of her sold out 1989 Tour shows at Staples Center in LA. The night before, Kobe Bryant presented her with a banner for most sold out shows ever.

She had crazy surprise guests besides him, actors, singers, models – I couldn’t wait to see who she would have the night we were going. I had high expectations and badly hoped she would perform at least one of her original country songs.

M came with me & we started the night with drinks at the top of WP24 at the Ritz Carlton.


The view was awesome and we saw the die hard concert goers walking around in full costumes.

unnamed (1)

We sat in front of ten teenage girls in matching light up tu-tus.

Taylor Swift

Of course it was a huge production, there were LED bracelets taped to each seat that were controlled by the sound and light people in coordination with the music. It was incredible. She sang most of her 1989 album, and performed one of my favorite country songs of hers – as it would have been if it was part of the 1989 album.

The epic special guest? Up from underneath the stage John Legend appeared playing the piano as they both sang “All of Me.” Awesome.

(Sidenote: Beck and St. Vincent performed another song with Taylor as well, but I’m not really a fan of either. Didn’t want anyone to think we got jipped with only one surprise guest, although we totally kind of did. Also, I’m not being Kanyeish by not appreciating those artist – I just would have loved seeing Phoebe from Friends sing Smelly Cat with Taylor instead).


Her finale – Shake It Off – rotating stage in full effect.


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