Everything Now and Soon – a Facebook Note

Remember Facebook Notes? I was uploading pictures from past trips today and found this note from July 2009. I love it! I completely forgot this existed, and reading it made me as excited as I seem to have been when I wrote it 6 years ago while I was traveling:

“By next week I will officially have been traveling for 6 months. Half of a year is much longer than I think I realize, it probably won’t hit me until I go back to California this month and see what everyone else has done.

6 months, 3 continents, 3 new scars, 13 countries, 3 journals, 12 books, at least 2,000 pictures, BUNCH of new friends, countless near death experiences, 2 maxed out credit cards, strange food, new tattoo, lots and lots and lots of laughs.

So I went to Thailand and it was everything I hoped it would be and MORE. LOVE the food, absolutely. BUT I can honestly now, still say the best pad thai I have ever and probably will ever have comes from Osha in SF (geary and leavenworth) and only the veggie and tofu one with egg, the chicken or sea food one suck.

In my life I have: skydived out of a plane 1,300 feet up in the air, belayed someone top roping a climb in Yosemite middle of nowhere, zip-lined across the highest zip line in all of Central America and white water rafted level 5 rapids(and fell out twice). BY FAR going through water caves in Guatemala – having to swim, hike and climb in the dark with a candle being the only light was the scariest hour of my adventurous life.

Although I thought french food, as most European food would be boring, I was pleasantly surprised and quickly addicted to the following South of France specialties: Ratatouille – probably the best vegetable dish I have EVER had. Salmon Quiche – I am indifferent about quiche and if I never had it again, I wouldn’t even notice, but my moms husband made this quiche that was too good to even try to describe. And last but definitely not least… Mussels and French fries (in curry sauce or white sauce) and a beer. I want this meal once a week for the rest of my life!!! REALLY!!!

I didn’t plan this but it was cool that it happened: I was in Mexico City AND Paris when Obama was. I arrived to El Salvador the night of the election. Hell yeah to FMLN! 🙂 I was in Bangkok when Kill Bill Actor died there (sidenote: not cool, but weird). I was also in Paris the weekend of the French open Finals and in South of France when the tour de France started.

Timing working out so perfectly that I still managed to go to Bay to Breakers in between Mexico and Asia, for a circus, drunken mayhem weekend to remember for ever.

I crave Mexican food (especially tortas) as well as spicy curry from Thailand every single day.

Per usual, being gone this long has reminded me why my closest friends are my closest friends, and why everyone else sucks. ha ha ha. Reading e-mails or FB messages that make me laugh, are filled with current back home gossip or play by plays of nights out have made the bad/lonely or hard parts of this trip so much better 🙂

I have absolutely no idea where to start when someone asks me my favorite place or thing I did… but some that come to mind right now are:

-watching the sunset in Portland drinking with my college roommate
-sharing a cab with a stranger on the dock of Honduras, then spending a full week at the beach with them laughing like we were lifelong friends
-getting to stay with Amanda in her peace corps site in Guatemala and seeing all the work first hand
-the cave exploring that scared me half to death in Semuc Champey
-the buses, vans, chicken buses, charter buses, taxis, motorcycles, scooters, tuk tuks I took from place to place, in between country borders, laughing by myself.
-seeing the war museum in El Salvador. If you ever go, bring tissues, it will change your life
-spending a week in Big Corn Island Nicaragua with this girl from Sweden, a kid from Australia, and a couple from England in a hut on the beach….on an island with NO CARS snorkeling, swimming, eating (or trying to) and laughing always laughing.
-making up songs about stuff too inappropriate to write about here with 2 guys from San Diego I met in Isla de omettepe Nicaragua, rescuing one after he got drugged at a bar, and getting served questionable hamburgers by a transvesdite. (Did I mention the place we stayed at had dirt floor?)
-meeting a friend of a friend (Chad) at the Costar Rica airport to drive with him like 6 hrs (sidenote: this wasn’t probably actually a favorite moment, just really funny) we get in the car and have no idea where to go, not even where the freeway was, and at reaching our destination he got a flat tire from driving into a hole.
-being at the Hong Kong airport thinking Mya ditched me (also not a favorite moment just funny) then finally seeing her come out only to tell me she was detained for swine flu (seeing her come out WAS a favorite moment)
-getting kissed on the cheek by an elephant in Phuket, as well as riding an elephant around the jungle
-getting my first tattoo in Thailand with 3 amazing friends
-Mya and I skinny dipping in our infinity pool with ocean view suite in Phuket, Thailand
-spending a week with my mom in Paris France, seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time and dancing on the streets with a band.
-reading water for Elephants on top the eiffel tower – it intensified the already amazing feeling that book gave me.
-thinking my mom and I have been on the wrong train every time going around the south of France, then laughing about it

Off to Spain now!”


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