Airport Loungin’

My first time in an airport lounge (I know right).

I’ve slept on a hard bench in the Milan airport using my towel as a blanket when I missed my connecting flight to Ibiza, used my backpack as a pillow on the ground of many airports, read countless books in the chairs at the gates with arm rests that don’t allow you to put your feet up on another seat. It’s always been part of the traveling experience, I don’t mind it, it’s an adventure – but this lounge ordeal has changed the way I look at airports forever.

It’s 7 AM and we arrive at Las Vegas international airport. We take the tram & walk up to the AMEX Centurion Lounge. M signs us in with his AMEX card and boarding pass and we walk into an empty lounge with a full service bar, TV’s, game room, showers, bathrooms, various types of seating options, charging stations, printing station, full fresh buffet and restaurant seating, coffee and espresso machine.. ETC.

I chose the long couch-like area with giant windows looking out into the runway because the sun is rising on that side. We get mimosa’s (really these, or any other drink you want are FREE) we grab fresh fruit and lounge away.

As it starts to get busier we see a guy come by and take the 3rd and last couch in this area, he’s carrying a back pack, puts his phone on the charger and lays down and falls asleep. That’s me (I think) as I reminisce in all my years of traveling and how many glorious naps I would have taken in lounges like this – the way this guy was doing.

As our phones charge we serve ourselves plates from the buffet. It’s not just any buffet either, it is food from chef Scott Conant’s Scarpetta. I can’t do their breakfast menu justice – so much variety and all so flavorful, I had to get two plates. Enjoyed a macchiato & lounged some more.



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