Week Two Done – My 22 Day Revolution.

“I really wanna lose 3 pounds” – Regina George

Today is day 15! I completed two full weeks. I lost another 2 pounds – putting me at 10 pounds total.

I wish I lost more, but in general I  feel healthier. I took advantage of the 2 desserts you are allowed to have during the 22 days, this week. I also went out to eat more this week than the first week to celebrate a birthday! If I hadn’t indulged I probably would have lost a few more.


My favorite thing from this diet is that it’s not a low carb or anti carb diet. Some recipes call for vegan bread (I mostly use Ezekiel which tastes great!), and you get to eat healthy grains. My second favorite thing about this diet are new food combinations I wouldn’t have tried on my own – like this cauliflower and grape salad. Grilled in the oven with pine nuts and lemon, the taste is fantastic. This was lunch one of the days, I would prefer it as a side dish with something else, but it is delicious.

221 223

Who knew vegan sushi places existed? Not me. The book calls for a vegan sushi roll for lunch a couple of times. Brown rice, nori and vegetables. Although pretty tasty, my rolling skills are not great and mine looked like a messy Japanese burrito. For M’s birthday we still wanted to go out to eat, and he found this place in Little Tokyo LA (Shojin) that serves vegan sushi and vegan ramen. It was DELICIOUS. The rolls we had were perfect, flavorful and filling.


Vegan pizza. Does not sound appetizing, I know. The book calls for making homemade pizza a couple of times. I haven’t done either day because I had left overs from a previous lunch. Some of the recipes are 2 – 4 servings, so you end up having left overs which is nice to save time cooking every day. Since we were on vacation when the pizza lunch came up again we decided to try it from a pizza place. MOD pizza, one of those build your own pizza type of places offers a gluten free crust and dairy free cheese at no extra charge. I would have never considered this – but went for it. The cheese actually melts! It was so delicious.


Dessert. The book says you can have 2 desserts from their recipes (home made). They should probably be spread out, and not right after the other.The desserts I had were not home made and I ate them right after the other, but I stuck with vegan and loved every bite. Pictured above is vegan (coconut milk) “ice cream” which we sandwiched in vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. YUM.

A week and a day more to go!


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