Is Butter a Carb? My 22 Day Revolution: Week 1 Update!

Today is day 8! I finished a full 7 day week!

I’ve lost 8 pounds!

Most of the days I have felt great, but there were two days that I was just so hungry. The one thing I am having trouble with is the 3 meals only, no snacks rule. I’ve been working out almost every single day, and this just doesn’t seem to be a good idea. The book says if you need to you can have one snack every other day. I decided to play each day by ear, and if I am really hungry at the end of work, before I go home and work out; I can eat a vegetable snack or a plant based protein powder drink. I’ve done this twice and felt good about it!

These two salads have been my favorite dinners so far:


Artichoke & avocado salad with olives, and tomatoes. So refreshing with the hot weather right now, and so filling!


RAW zucchini and cucumber salad with tahini, carrots, sesame seeds and lime! I was so NOT excited about eating raw zucchini, but this came out great. With a spiral vegetable slicer you can make pasta out of any vegetable (or your boyfriend can).


This meal was the first test to my commitment to this diet. Our new marketing coordinator asked me and another co-worker to lunch. I was terrified that I would have to scarf something down before lunch time, then sit with them drinking iced tea starring at their food. However, as it often happens I was asked to pick the place – so I suggested we eat at Urban Plates since I knew they had plant based vegan options. (Urban plates is not vegan but it is a cafeteria style restaurant with proteins, sides, soups, sandwiches and salads). This plate is called a “4-Up” you get 4 sides for $10, and these 4 things were all vegan!

So far so good, I feel healthy! 15 more days to go – I hope I lose another 15 pounds.


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