My 22 Day Revolution

I’m not trying to pull a Mindy Kaling by trying all these popular diets & juice cleanses (a la Whole 30), but I started the 22 Day Revolution yesterday. I was a vegetarian for 7 years. 6 years ago I started eating meat again. I still eat a lot of vegetarian food, and consider myself healthy in the way that I enjoy eating vegetables, drinking water or juicing without anyone forcing me to.

I remember the first year I started eating meat I thought I got a pass on the amount I could eat (aka all you can eat Korean BBQ) because it had been so long since I had any. This was probably true then, but not true now 6 years later. I’ve been toying with the idea of eating less meat simply because I feel I eat too much of it.

My original reasoning behind being a vegetarian was strictly political – a stand against American factory farming and animal cruelty. I haven’t forgotten that, but when I think about not eating meat now a lot of it revolves around health. With the big (and positive) wave of fighting GMO’s and shopping organic trend the last couple of years I have done my best to only eat the BEST quality meat. Organic, grass fed, etc.

I’ve been trying to lose weight, and get more vitamin D although my sunlight hours are now limited to a desk job. I’ve tried eating paleo, or smaller portions but nothing has worked yet. Apparently my cholesterol is a little high, so I’ve been trying to cut down on meat. At the airport on my recent trip to San Francisco I was browsing the internet and saw “the plant based diet Beyonce used to lose weight.”

I’m not an advocate for crash diets, and didn’t jump on the lemonade diet, or only bacon diet because I knew better. However I’ve never wanted to lose weight before. Perhaps my metabolism has come to a screeching halt the way many told me would the day I turned 30. Not sure. Reading about this diet, came at the time I wanted to try to cut out meat anyway. So I jumped on the bandwagon full speed and ordered the book on Amazon (which was sold out by the way, so I had to wait a week).

The rules are basic:

22 Days (June 23rd – July 15th)

3 meals a day (no snacks, no alcohol)

Workout every day

Eat only plant based.

The book has recipes for all 22 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner that you are supposed to follow.

I honestly thought I was going to be starving. I am used to eating a snack in between each meal. However I was so surprised by how filling the recipes have been so far, and how less stressed I am figuring out what to eat. I also thought that having access to such great grocery stores, specialty stores and vegan/ vegetarian eateries that no recipe would really impress me.

I’ve only finished one day so far, but the dinner yesterday was so good. When I was preparing it, I thought I skipped the step that explained how to cook it. I re-read it until I realized that the entire meal was raw. I was petrified. Vegan AND raw? However once I tried it I was so happy. So flavorful, delicious and filling. I’m excited for the next 21 days.


Breakfast from day 1 was oatmeal cooked with almond milk, with a banana and blueberries.


Raw walnut tacos were incredible!


5 thoughts on “My 22 Day Revolution

  1. liveinloveorganics says:

    Wow this sounds awesome and sounds like something I would want to try!! Please let me know how this goes for you I would love an update after your first week 🙂 maybe I will order the book too!

    • Traveling Mango says:

      thanks for the comment! Day 3 and so far so good, I’ll definitely update you! I tried to find an “about me” section on your blog and couldn’t, but love the layout & your header picture! wow! 🙂

      • liveinloveorganics says:

        Oh thanks so much! I’m so new I haven’t figured out how to format it very well but I have my first post as my about me section if you wanna check it out 🙂 looking forward to hearing about your journey!

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