Happiest of Birthdays Mama.

I’ve tried over and over to write a blog entry that could even scratch the surface of the impact my Mother has had on my life. I keep falling short. There aren’t enough words to cover my life alongside her and all the incredible adventures we have been on together. The happiest happiest happiest of birthdays to my very first friend in this world. I hope you live many more years to come. I hope there is only more happiness left to live, I hope you know how much you are loved.

b2I love this picture, we had so many random pictures wearing the fake mustache. Shout out to my Donald Duck book on the right.b13 My mom’s sunglasses are so cool. I love this bridge. We were on a trip somewhere in Mexico. I’m eating a bag of Japanese peanuts. My Mom is holding a Negra Modelo & check out all my bracelets.b14My Mom looks so young here.b3 We went to the Tim Burton Exhibit a few years ago. My Mom has taken me to museums my whole life.b4 We’re at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco in this picture. This was one of my Mom’s many visits to SF while I lived there.b5 An Egyptian Mummies exhibit in LA.b6 Tea Party.b12 My College graduation. We had so much fun this weekend.b7Exploring around town.b Palace of Versailles. No big deal.b10This was our attempt at one of many jumping pictures.b11Paris France. I’m still in awe of this picture and this trip.

b9Happy Birthday.

The end.


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