For you.

I’ve been thinking about my blog, why do I write it, who do I write it for?

Before I went on a “trip around the world” in 2009 my brother suggested I start a blog to update while on my travels. I couldn’t get myself to do it. The whole point of my trip was to leave and experience life. I didn’t want to spend time finding internet to write about what I was doing. I didn’t even write very many e-mails, or go into detail about my experiences because nothing I could ever write would do them justice. To this day I have many untold stories of my adventures.

After returning it finally felt like it was time. I wanted a forum to share parts of me. I didn’t have a specific vision in mind, except that I wanted it to be mine. I knew it would have a lot of things on traveling, but I also focused on traveling through other means; cooking, going out to eat, movies, being a tourist at home etc.

After not posting much the past couple of years, I want to re-focus on my blog, and put more of my time and energy into it. I want to simplify the categories, vamp it up and make it something I am truly proud of. I want it to be timeless and classic, simple but original. Most importantly, I want to write! Along with travel and running, writing helps me feel whole.

Why do I write? For me. When I write I feel happier, it helps me be more creative. One of my goals for this year is to write 4 blog posts a month. For who? For anyone who cares, even if sometimes it’s only me. At times I read back at something I wrote and it inspires me, or it reminds me.  Sometimes I think about what it would be like to have a blog my grandmother, grandpa, uncle etc. created decades ago to look back on. Read stories written by them about anything and everything.

Perhaps that’s what my blog will become. A memoir of my life adventures, for you.


(dancing on the streets of Paris)


5 thoughts on “For you.

  1. Narno says:

    Desde hace muchos años, a veces mucho a veces poco, te he seguido a todos lados, desde cenando en el sur de California hasta Costa Rica, Nueva Zelanda y Asia.

    No se cuántos seguidores tienes, pero creo que es lo de menos, siempre que saques de ti lo que dices, que logres plasmar ideas, sentimientos y recuerdos.

    Aunque no me ves, estate segura que te estoy leyendo, te quiere Beto.

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