30 Things About Me

1. I didn’t reach my goal of going to 30 countries by my 30th birthday. I came close (26). Still going to try to get to 30, with the idea of catching up and going to a new Country every year for the rest of my life.

2. My favorite book I read as a teenager was Catcher in the Rye, I am equally scared as I am excited to read it again in my adult life. Mostly I’m afraid I won’t love it anymore, & knowing what that means.

3. Surfing in Bali is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done.

4. I oddly enough remember the first time I realized I loved my brother. When we were little we fought a lot, I wished I didn’t have to be around him so much. When I was in 6th grade he came home badly injured from a bike accident, I cried uncontrollably & even though I thought I hated him, I realized I would be incomplete if I had lost him.

5. My favorite vegetable as a child was cauliflower.

6. My grandfather was my first love. When I remember the best parts of my childhood he’s in every memory. He was my protector & the best best best man. He always made me my favorite food in miniature (molletes & sopes) & went out of his way to make me laugh. Once when I was little, my grandma went out of town for a few days leaving my grandpa and I to attempt to do my own hair for the first time. I remember us cracking up at my overly gelled side pony tail.

7. Last year marked 10 years since the first time I worked at a nightclub. What started out as a cocktail serving job while in community college turned out to be endless lessons, friendships, experience and a very interesting adventure.

8. I always assumed by default I would be my brother’s children’s favorite person. I was wrong with the first. Claire. The only reason I don’t care that much is because my Mom is her actual favorite, and their obsession with each other (and not me) reminds me of my time growing up with my grandmother. They’re lucky to have each other.

9. One of my best friends – & I have been to 2 of the natural man made wonders of the world on our own (Colosseum & Chichenitza). 2 years ago we did a 3rd one together (Machu Picchu) and this past year we did a 4th! (Great Wall)

10. I randomly worked at a weed dispensary for a year. I was completely fascinated with how much I learned. It was my first job in a long time where I wasn’t in charge. I saw so many funny/random things. It was fun interacting with “patients,” and on down time coworkers & I would play monopoly and order pizza.

11. Most of my best friends live in different states, or countries and I miss them.

12. When it comes to food I’ll try everything once. Strangest tries so far : guinea pig, scorpion, silk worms and bees.

13. I didn’t drink for 10 months in 2013. It was easier than I thought. I ended the not drinking with a glass of champagne while wearing a ‘where’s waldo’ costume.

14. I love soup broth.

15. I love speaking Spanish. I wish I had more people to speak it with. I love love love TV in Spanish, but I LOVE songs in Spanish the most, because they remind me of my childhood.

16. My family and I lived in a sailboat for 3 months when I was little.

17. I’ve had two life changing death defying accidents.

18. The Shining and Silence of the Lambs are my top two favorite scary movies of all times.

19. My Mom and I write and speak our own made up language.

20. I can’t remember when I started using the “living vicariously through myself” thing. It still stands, with the exception of with my best friend from middle school. I like to live vicariously through her life and her experiences and accomplishments, as well. She does such amazing, incredible things and barely even mentions them. She’s also one of the most well read people I know. I’ve given up on mentioning new books I discover because her typical reply is “I read that like 3 years ago.”

21. First time I went skydiving I thought it was really boring. I only went again because it was for a friend’s birthday. I told my instructor how I felt and before taking off on the plane he made me shake his hand to promise to buy him a new suit if I threw up on his. Jumped out of the plane and did so many twist and turns, I was laughing and yelling the whole time. So much (more) fun.

22. I read a new book every single month.

23. I want to go to all 50 states. I’ve crossed off 18.

24. I went bungee jumping in the middle of a 10 mile hike.

25. One of my proudest moments is running the San Francisco Nike Women’s marathon. The journey from start to finish was one of the most life changing things I have ever done.

26. I spent a thanksgiving in New Zealand.

27. I work in construction. I find this fact fascinating.

28. I’m anxious.

29. I am in love.

30. I started writing this list in September.



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