Disneyland Eats!

My friend shared this BuzzFeed Video with me about foods you have to try at Disneyland. Since then I’ve found countless of other Disney food lists. Trying to put my pass to good use &  being obsessed with making lists – I’ve began my quest to cross some of these off.

The first & the one I was most excited about is actually at California adventure. The infamous lobster nachos at Cove bar. This park tends to be less crowded, and offers alcohol – unlike Disneyland. M & I went Friday night and attempted to get sat for the 3rd time in the past few months – we waited about 40 minutes and were worried that once we got a seat at the bar – the nachos would not live up to their hype. We were happily wrong. EVERY single person at the bar and the entire restaurant seating area was here for the nachos, groups and individuals. Once we got ours, we were happy to see large pieces of lobster, real cheese, and Serrano peppers. I had a Habanero margarita which paired with the food perfectly.


After walking around the park and going on a ride we crossed over to Disneyland in search for some other foods. My next top one was the peanut butter and jelly soda, which I read about on a blog. We went to main street and asked for it – only to find out they stopped serving it about a year ago.

We decided to try the cream cheese stuffed pretzel, since we were right by them. This was a pleasant surprise. The actual pretzel was really warm and soft – like it was just made. The cream cheese was actually soft as well, and on the sweet side but not overbearing.

pretzleLast but not least, the corn dog from the little red wagon!

“I’ve never had a better corn dog” -Jonathan Gold, LA Times Food Critic.

This was actually pretty amazing. It was perfect. I’m not a corn dog connoisseur, in fact when I think corn dog I think frozen and soggy – but this was completely different. I think the best thing from the list for the value and quality!

corn dog


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