Whole 30

Jan 2nd – Jan 31st  (30 days)

No alcohol.

No processed foods.

No dairy.

No carbs (pasta, rice, bread)

No legumes.

No Sugar.

Basically just protein, vegetables, some fruit and nuts.

This diet claims to be life changing by eliminating anything that causes allergies or issues with your body for 30 days. It re-sets your body. Decided it would be a good challenge, make up for the holiday(s) binge eating, and good prep before  upcoming trip.

For the first 15 days we did no salt, even though the diet doesn’t require you to. We went the entire 30 days without going out to eat because we didn’t want to risk eating something we didn’t know the ingredients for. It was challenging, but fun.

After a while, I noticed my taste buds changing, fruits and vegetables tasted so much better. It was fun cooking simple things, and sauteing vegetables for taste, not covered in sauces. M is more of a chef, so he created more of the intricate recipies. It was challenging throughout, though. We were surprised at how exhausted we were. Then we read your body adjusts to getting energy from things like bread, so it was normal to feel tired. We also read that after a while you would have endless amounts of energy and all cravings would stop.

The cravings never seemed to stop for me. I was craving things I don’t even usually eat, like chocolate cake and oreo’s. I felt hungry a lot and was counting down the days until I could eat normal. I realize now that it was more of a mental thing, because as soon as we were able to eat, the cravings kind of stopped.



W303When we incorporated salt into the diet, we found these nitrate free hot dogs with less than 2% of salt. We used sweet potato’s as a bun, and one single hot dog with the sweet potato was very filling and very good!W305Slow cooked pork, with another faux “bun” made from sweet potato. *Note the serrano, this was a staple in a lot of our dishes for flavor.W306Maybe not the prettiest looking dish, but hands down my favorite. Not just for this diet, but favorite pad thai of all time. Made with spaghetti squash instead of real noodles, organic chicken and vegetables, and an almond butter sauce with lime, coconut amino’s and thai chilis. It was AMAZING.

One thing I really think I can eat instead of pasta for the majority of my dishes moving forward is spaghetti squash. Even by itself it just tastes so good!

Not pictured is endless amounts of cauliflower rice. This was another favorite. Such a good replacement for rice, and very filling and simple to make.

We ended up implementing juicing throughout the whole thing, but more as meal replacements for the last week.

I lost 10 lbs in total, which wasn’t as much as I wanted to, but close to it. What will I eat now? I’m not giving up amazing world cuisines, as this is very much a a part of who I am and what I love – but all in all, this diet actually was in many ways life changing – so I will continue to incorporate healthy nutritious protein and vegetables often, but not always.


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