30 Days of Yoga. Day 30

Core Power Yoga 1 @ Core Power Yoga

Enlightenment in nature

I wanted to do my last class in the studio. I knew I couldn’t do Hot Power Fusion because my legs are still burning, but I didn’t want to do restorative again. I decided on a Core Power 1 class. It was with a teacher I had never had. She was female. She began the class with a great quote. I’ll paraphrase it. “No amount of water can sink a boat, unless it gets inside of the boat.”

The class went well. Lots of “chaturangas” and just a few “warrior two’s” so my thighs didn’t burn as much. There were lots of twists. We did a pose from plank, where you use one arm to support and move your whole body to the side, lifting up your other arm. For the longest time in my first classes my arm would just shake and I would sway back and forth trying to hold the pose. I lowered my knee for support, but just kept trying. Today I went right into it, and never fell out of it. Didn’t use my knee, and didn’t shake the entire time. It felt amazing.

I can’t believe I’m done. Now that I am, the time seems to have flown by, although I didn’t feel that way while it was happening. The timing was perfect because now I have to focus on another project in my life. I feel like I grew and learned a lot from this experience. However, I think I won’t realize all the benefits immediately. I think as I get back into a normal workout routine, I’ll notice physical changes. There’s other things I’m sure I’ll notice that I wont know of until they are happening.  I’ll remember more about breathing, always breathing into difficulties to get through them.

I’m so grateful for this experience, the benefits and the growth! Oh, and I’m grateful it’s over!



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