30 Days of Yoga. Day 28

Hot Power Fusion @ Core Power Yoga


I can’t get enough of this class.  Went to the one that worked with my schedule. It was a guy teacher I have never had. He seemed excited to be in class. My legs were killing me. My thighs were burning during “warrior two’s” and this teacher would count down from 4 – almost done, then keep talking, and even though much longer than a count had gone by, he would say 3, talk some more, then 2. It was really deceiving because his 4 count was usually around a 10 count.

This was the hardest yoga class of my entire experience. I liked it, but it drained me. I knew with as tiring as it was, and only 2 classes left, this would be the last time I did Hot Power Fusion. I had to peel my body off of the mat into the poses. My sweat drenched my entire mat.

The teacher really pushed us, and my body was already so tired. During the core part of the class, he kept saying “pulse, pulsity pulse” and anything and everything to keep the flow of his words going, sounding like an inspirational rap. It was kind of funny.

I love this class for many reasons that I’ve constantly mentioned throughout my posts. Today we did a pose that breaks up scar tissue in your knees. I don’t really remember what it’s called but I remember when I started this experience, I couldn’t sit down during it. You start out kneeling, with your knees touching, but your legs go to the outside of your mat, and your butt sits between. I couldn’t sit, I’m able to now. All the way, allowing me to bend back into the pose. I loved feeling the fresh blood in my knees when getting out of the pose.

I love little improvements.



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