30 Days of Yoga. Day 27

Restorative Yoga @ Core Power Yoga


I think today’s class was a test.  Exhausted from my late night hours of work, I was excited to see a 6:15pm Restorative class, so I could get some rest during the day. I noticed that it was with my least favorite teacher, who I mentioned on day 18 and day 16. I had already taken his classes two days too many, but I really wanted to do a restorative class, so I went anyway.

I arrived 15 minutes early, hoping to meditate before class. A teacher who was about to lock the door yelled out to me asking if I was coming to yoga. I said yes, and he asked which class. I told him restorative, and he said he could check me in, but that Matt was still in class. He was rushing me to go inside, checked me in then told me he had to go teach class. Other students started arriving and couldn’t get in because it was locked. Other teachers or interns or whatever were walking around cleaning. I looked at the schedule and the class should have gotten out by 6, but by 6:10 they still weren’t out.

Matt’s class finally ended at 6:15 and I was annoyed I didn’t have time to meditate. He left the room, and didn’t come back to start class until about 8 minutes late. I hate when teachers do this, and not say sorry. Whats the etiquette on this? It just seems rude to walk in and start class acting like nothing happened.

I kept telling myself that this is what was supposed to happen for whatever reason, and to let it go. I told myself over and over not to get worked up over a small time difference…

He started class, and said we would not be using the wall for this class, but if we wanted to, to move our mats before he began. Right away he started with poses and said “I highly recommend you use the wall for this.” WTF, why say we’re not using the wall, then once class starts go into how he highly recommends something he told us we would not be doing. I told myself to just ignore him

I wanted to leave class. I could feel it was doing the opposite of what I wanted it to do. I kept trying to come back to what this means about me though. Many of the self help and spiritual teachings I have been learning about talk about how sometimes our adversaries are divine teachers in disguise. I started to think of him this way. I dislike him and his classes, and him being late, and not being consistent. I dislike his apathy and how he teaches class like he is high, and staring off into another dimension. But I was there for whatever reason and needed to work though it.

It took a while to calm by brain. As I mentioned in my last restorative class, this class is not heated and I was really cold last time. I came prepared this time with long leggings and long sleeve top. However because the class before us ran late, and it was a heated class, there was no time for the heat to leave the room, so I was extremely hot when I didn’t plan to be.

When I finally settled into being calm, and basically tuning out my frenemy, I had a really weird experience. I let myself relax so much so that I can’t tell if part of me fell asleep, or I reached a deep level of meditation, or delirium, but my mind shut off completely and I began to create dream scenarios while being conscious that it was happening, but not having full control over the scenarios.

It’s hard to explain, but the last thing I remember thinking before the feeling began, was that we just started class and I had to sit through a whole hour of this. The time from that moment until he said “final shavasana” seemed like 60 seconds. I was so shocked to hear that class was about to end, that I instinctively wanted to check my phone for the time. It couldn’t possibly be over, it just started.

I left the class completely relaxed.


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