30 Days of Yoga. Day 26

Hot Power Fusion @ Core Power Yoga


On day 10 I realized this was my favorite class. Today I had my favorite class with Kevin, who was 1 of my 2 favorite teachers of all times. (Read day 10 linked on here for recap). I was  so excited to be back here for this class and with this teacher again. I thought I might not be in a class with him again after so many days had passed. I remember the day he taught HPF before he was sub-ing for someone. So I thought maybe he was at another studio most of the time.

The class had about 7 of us. As I have been feeling lately, I felt a connection to his focus. He started class by talking about being grateful. One of the ways I pray, is by just saying thank you for very specific things in my life. I try to write lists at least once a week in my journal, of things I am thankful for.  The days before this I felt myself forgetting to focus on what I had to be thankful. This class was a gentle reminder.

My thighs are burning at this point during almost any class. Hot Power Fusion has virtually no “chaturanga” sequence, but it has a lot of “warrior 2.” This requires a deep lunge into your front leg which you hold for a very long time, then you do it again. You also do “horse” pose and lots of “chair poses” – all requiring the strength of your thighs to hold you up. Man, I was feeling the burn here.

The class felt great in general. I got frustrated with myself because at this point I wish I was doing “crow pose” easily, but I’m not doing it at all. I shake into it, and fall when I try to lift my legs. One thing I have improved on is my balance during the standing poses. I’m holding them much longer than I did before. I still LOVE this class and this teacher. He was encouraging, but I didn’t feel as happy as I did on that day 10. I am not sure why.

It’s not me, it’s you.



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