30 Days of Yoga. Day 25

Restorative Yoga via YouTube Video “DoYouYoga.com” by Erin Motz

Was feeling tired today. I usually do after a Hot Power Fusion day. Plus this consecutive thing is getting to me. I decided to stay home for today’s practice. I searched for a restorative Yoga through the DoYouYoga.com series I found on YouTube. I mentioned in an earlier post, that they do a 30 day challenge as well. I really liked the way it was taught, so I wanted to see what their restorative class was like.

The class did a lot of leg stretches, and it offered a harness or towel option to help deepen the stretch. I used a leg warmer. My legs have been feeling sore, and this had a lot of leg and groin stretches. It’s funny how when you are open to the belief that what you need comes to you, it does. Out of all the classes I could have picked, without knowing I picked one that focused on what my body needed.

It was simple, yet refreshing.



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