30 Days of Yoga. Day 24

Hot Power Fusion @ Core Power Yoga


I love this class. Today it was an average size, about 10 people. The teachers name was Dulce, and she was so interesting. She looked like Lydia from Beetle Juice, or Wednesday from Addam’s family. In a really cute way.

As the class went on, the way she talked and acted was kind of like them too. I’m kind of into supernatural, scary or weird things. However, my most favorite thing about her and this class, wasn’t that. It was that she spoke the way I wish the other yoga teachers would. She explained how this class is a restorative type class, and went on and on about the benefits of each pose, and was just so into guiding us through not only the poses, but why we were doing them.

I felt great from start to finish in this class. I was entertained by her pale skin, her yoga pants had a bison type skull design on them, her voice seemed almost forced, but in an enchanting way. She was soft spoken, but knowledgeable and so encouraging. She gave multiple layers in which you could choose from, and reassured us to do what felt comfortable.

I sweat like crazy in this class. That alone feels so detoxifying, all the stretches and poses seem like just an added bonus. Just the name of this class “fusion” seems like something I would like. A mix of different types of yoga. A little bit of EVERYTHING.

I had such a busy day today, being in this class was such a great and challengingĀ thing for me and my day.

As I left, and said bye to the teacher, she just waved from the front desk – one finger at a time, as if sprinkling some spell to her student.

The weird in me honors the weird in you.


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