30 days of Yoga. Day 22

Sun Salutation for wellness via All in Yoga App


I’m thankful I am doing this, but I will also be so thankful when it is over. The actual hour of yoga isn’t the hard part, it’s finding the right class at the right time and still doing everything you need to do before, or after. The consecutive thing is getting to me, as well. My normal workout routine is 1 day yoga, 2 days gym (weights and cardio), and 1 day hike. I mix it up, sometimes do walking or swimming, and take full rest days. I thought 30 days of yoga wouldn’t be too difficult, but I now know I was wrong. I imagined myself stretching every day for 30 days – no big deal. There is so much more to yoga though, especially these core classes. Usually a third of the class is devoted to some type of crunches to strengthen your core. I am still having fun with this though, and am learning a lot. I am noticing that I am becoming more flexible, although that changes from day to day. I love doing tree poses and noticing that some days my balance is non existent. I love that a pose is called tree pose. I always smile when the teachers tell us we can “grow our branches” – such a cute concept. I laugh at myself a lot, because sometimes I literally have no balance while just standing with one foot raised, I sway in the wind like a crazy tree.

The crazy in me honors the crazy in you.


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