30 Days of Yoga. Day 20

Core Power 1 @ Core Power Yoga


I got to today’s class right on time. There was only one other lady in there “I thought I was gonna be the only one” she said to me as I set up my mat. I told her it would be kind of cool if it was just the two of us. I set up my mat on the right side of class & ran to the bathroom. I came back and 3 people had come in, and set up their mats surrounding me. Are you b*tches serious? Like literally trapped me in a little box, one in front of me, and one on either side of me. In a completely empty classroom. I picked up my mat and moved all the way to the left corner of the room to get away from them. I don’t mind being by people in busy classes, but come on!

Teacher came in wearing a “spiritual gangster” shirt on. It was a guy. He didn’t talk about anything spiritual or beneficial to practice, just guided us through poses. He said we do about 20 “chaturangas” per class. That’s so many! I always make the mistake of thinking a level 1 class will be easy, but it never is.  In fact this one really kicked my ass. We were moving from downward dog, to “chaturangas” at lighting speed. I wasn’t impressed with the teachers style. He was very to the point, but nothing stuck out. In fact, I’m starting to notice a pattern in beginning classes, where the teachers just seem like they would rather be anywhere else but there. At least at this studio – with the exception of Mike on day 5 – which still stands out in my mind as one of my favorite classes of all time.

All the “warrior 2” poses were killing me, my legs are so sore, but I hope that means I’m getting stronger. I notice much more control during “chaturangas” than when I began.

10 more days!


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