30 Days of Yoga. Day 19

Hot Power Fusion @ Core Power Yoga


Oh my gosh. The heat this day was crazy. I love heated classes usually, but I must have been dehydrated, because just being in the room felt tiring. This was a pretty full class, maybe 15 people. Maybe because it was a Friday. I had the female teacher from last week whom I felt was going through the motions. She really grew on me this class. I have been focusing on simplifying my life. Working on being happy with what I have, and not needing new things. Getting rid of things I don’t need, emotionally, and physically. She began her class by telling us about how her kitchen is a mess because she’s been cooking so much and has been so busy. She said the other day she decided to just cook vegetables, and at the end she only had 3 dishes to clean. She wondered why she hadn’t been doing that all along, and said her focus was on simplifying. I felt like she was really speaking to me. It was awesome.

I felt my body be tired, anything with lunges reminded me how sore my legs are. I sweat like crazy. I had fun though. It was a great class. I felt challenged both physically and spiritually.


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