30 Days of Yoga. Day 17

Restorative Yoga @ Core Power Yoga


I was so tired this day. Sore and tired. I found the only restorative class being offered that day and got there just in time for it. This was my first day off from work in a while, and I wanted to have a day off from my body as well. The teacher who checked me in at the front, was surprised I was there for her class. I walked in and 2 other people were in there. She moved through poses allowing us to pick and choose which layer we were most comfortable on. It felt great. The only thing is I forgot there is no heat in their restorative classes. Since you are not doing vigorous movements you also don’t really sweat. By the end of the class I was really cold. Next time I take this class I’ll bundle up more. My body and joints feel better in general from yoga and rest, but in this class I could feel them thanking me for just “breathing” into the poses and stretches and resting. I did feel very restored after class. A lot of the terminology is starting to stick. Same for understanding the best poses for me.

I remember when I first understood using my breath to calm myself outside of yoga. I was having a painful procedure done at a dentist office and I remember thinking, just breathe in and out. I kept focusing on my breathing, trying to keep it steady, and it carried me through all 2 + hours of that dentist chair.

I spent the rest of my day this day with my niece. I made it a point to avoid work texts, and lounge as much as possible. It felt great. Got a lot of reading done and caught up on some episodes of my favorite shows.


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