30 Days of Yoga. Day 15

Alisa Shiva Yoga DVD in Vegas

drais2Woke up in Vegas next to this one in the picture with me. Being the great friend that she is, she brought this Yoga DVD with her on our trip & her yoga mat. When we all got up (the third was pictured in my last post), we all hydrated and laughed about our Sunday. Then we went downstairs and did the yoga video. Man, I was still sore. Maybe more, from walking and standing and dancing in sandals. The stretches felt good though. I tried to listen to my body and “breathe” into all the poses the way all teachers say. I noticed, since this was a new DVD to me, that I would often start the pose I thought was coming up, only to realize it was totally different. I’m glad I noticed that, I’m glad it was a new DVD, I need to remember to pay attention and not assume I know a sequence, or that all practices will follow the same poses. I can use this in my personal life as well. I need to be open to new things happening.  It was fun doing this with my friends. I wished that I knew more people to go my classes with me. That was fun & I felt so proud to get a class in while on our trip!

Later that day we got the most amazing massages, in which the place had all 3 of us in one room. It was relaxing and hilarious. We also tried Lotus of Siam, arguably the best Thai place in Vegas. Such a good day, before our drive back home.

Friends that party and do yoga together, stay together.



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