30 Days of Yoga. Day 14



This is how my Saturday to Sunday went. Off at work at 2:30AM, dropped off my car at my friend’s house and we drove to Vegas. 3AM – 7AM I dozed off as much as I could. I didn’t want to leave her hanging though, so I was awake for the end, which was the sun rising. We arrived at my friends house, thinking we would sleep on the couch. All the couches and floor by the couches were full, so we went upstairs to check the 3 bedrooms. All occupied. About to go sleep in her car, then we decided to post up on the floor by the upstairs reading area, type thing. (Good thing we brought pillows). Got woken up at 10am to eat a delicious home made breakfast, get ready and head over to the Drais pool party. Have fun, avoid going in the pool, say hi to our friends, laugh, drink, go to another pool party, walk too much, eat, then get picked up at about 10pm in a mini van (we’re so cool!). Get home and straight to bed. No time for yoga. Now, I would usually add a day to this, for missing one. I woke up at 2AM thinking I should do at least some sun salutations. However, drinking or not, Vegas or not, my body was done. I was sore and tired, and I won’t be making this missed day up – because I honestly needed it off. I let my mind rest from all of my anxiety & worries. I was happy to be having fun, and allowing things to go right. Laughed a lot.

The fun in me honors the fun in you 🙂


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