30 Days of Yoga. Day 13

Oceanside Restorative Yoga w/ Melissa McLeod via YouTube

My body is tired. I’ve had a knot on my right side, right below my neck, next to my shoulder blade. I’ve had it for a few weeks. Today I noticed the pain & discomfort has kind of moved to the rest of my back. I’m sore in general and I am feeling a little down. Just tired and overworked, and a bit emotional. I knew I wanted to keep it really easy with yoga today. My IT band is bothering me as well. I found a restorative video online. It was simple, but helpful. I actually loved the instructor. She was so open and encouraging about each poses. She explained the benefits of them, and said each pose would be held for about 5 minutes. She said the important thing about restorative poses is that you let your body feel as comfortable as possible. To focus on your mind, and slowing down thoughts. She was very encouraging though, saying if it wasn’t easy, not to be hard on yourself. It was a good break from my day, for my mind and my body. Trying to stay positive. Hope tomorrow is better.

I’m off on a small vacation tomorrow, hopefully I can get an all around re-start.


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