30 Days of Yoga. Day 12

Power Yoga (Bryan Jones) via YouTube

car2(my niece & her new friend with matching cars at the park today)

I am sore! I woke up early today & went to the park with my family. Later we feasted on Korean BBQ. I had time to do yoga right before work, but couldn’t make it to a studio. I found a YouTube video with lots of hits. I liked it better than any of the ones I have tried, but I didn’t love it. I’m starting to really question if I’m doing any of the poses right at all. Mostly because different teachers do poses differently, even within the same yoga studio and class. Like “Warrior 2” for example. I thought that the front heel, is aligned with the back heel. The female teacher I had yesterday told us that the front heel lines up with the middle of the back foot. I was like “great, I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time.” Today while doing this video, he said to line up the heels, like I had been doing. I felt anxious thinking I could be doing so many other things wrong that could lead to an injury? Same with the forward folds, everyone seems to do it differently. Some teachers have been telling me to keep my knees bent, while others don’t.

Even though I was confused and a bit anxious, I tried to use that to my advantage. I told myself to trust my body and my intuition. With some of the poses, like a twist that is supposed to restore your back. The video showed a whole new way of doing it, and I stuck to the way I have been doing it. I love getting to this twist in a class, because I know the practice is almost over. Hopefully I have time tomorrow to go to a class at the studio & work through some of the poses. I didn’t feel as strong today as I felt on the other days. I think I’m just tired. Glad I’m sticking to it though.


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