30 Days of Yoga. Day 11

Power Yoga 1.5 Intro to Heated Power Yoga @ Core Power Yoga

Today’s yoga was nothing like yesterday. I had a busy morning. I drove to the airport yet again, and came back just in time for this class. So far, the level one classes at this studio have been challenging, so I thought the 1.5 would be as well. It wasn’t exactly horrible, but compared to yesterdays class it was pretty lame. Size was good,  about 6 of us. Teacher started on time. She did something I’ve never seen done in other classes, she had us rotate through facing all 4 sides of the room within different poses. Besides that, I just wasn’t feeling her. She was the type of teacher (at least today) that was just going through the motions. While yesterdays teacher seemed to connect with his words, this one – sounded like she was reading it off of a script. She went through poses and series without giving many options. I did my best to stay motivated, after-all this is a personal practice, and isn’t the whole point to learn from within? The only thing she mentioned was that her car window needed to get fixed, and how she needed to apply yoga to her life, or something like that. A good beginning thought, but she didn’t tie it together or really go into it. I’m not sure if other students felt it, but I thought she was distracted. All in all, the class was interesting, but I didn’t love it. I’m not sure if it was just the teacher, or this particular class in general. We did “frog” a few times, I’ve noticed how hard it is for me to hold this. This served as a good reminder for me to do hip openers and simple squats to strengthen my hips and joints. That was the biggest thing I took from today’s class.Very important for me to work on this so I can be a healthy runner. Thank you yoga.

Off to work now.


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