30 Days of Yoga. Day 10

Hot Power Fusion @ Core Power Yoga


I’m a third of the way!

Ok, so I said Hot Yoga 1, and Core Power Yoga were my favorites…but I think Hot Power Fusion is my actual favorite. I left today’s class with a huge smile on my face. I mean, I was grinning. The type of smile you can’t shake off, and if someone was to see you they would ask to be filled in on the joke you were replaying in your mind.

A lot of factors played into the effectiveness of my class. My overall day was busy, the way my days seem to be as of late. I spent the morning hiking with a good friend however. I love hiking. Hiking by the beach is so amazing, it’s hard to describe or explain it to people who ask me “so like, you just go walking?” No, it’s not just walking. It’s difficult uphill climbs through mountains with beautiful green trees, that make you feel like you’re in a forest in some other country. This, thrown off by the ocean breeze, sound and view. You coast downhills, often adding to your workout by the heavy laughter from stories between friends, or you jump up when you hear an animal come out of the bushes. Sometimes when my friends and I hike, we see no one for hours. Where else does this happen? It’s one of my ways of meditation. My day started off so great, despite us getting lost, we had so much fun.

I was an airport picker-upper again today, so I had to pick a class around that. The closest one was a strength class – which is yoga with weights. I’m so tired & sore that I wasn’t ready to put my body through that today. So Hot Power Fusion was next. I was greeted at the front desk, and immediately felt more welcomed than I do at the other yoga studio. I was a few minutes early to class, I got a spot at the front, and meditated until class began. I expected the room to be full when I opened my eyes, but only 6 of us were there. I was already excited, because the class was so small. Kevin was our instructor, he began by telling us what yoga meant to him. He told us to explore what yoga meant to us. I was immediately drawn by what he was saying. How do I make friends with people like hm? Where do yoga instructors hang out? I often like what teachers say during class, but I felt no separation from what he was saying and how he actually felt. Does that make sense? Everything flowed like it was just a part of him, and in exchange a part of all of us in class.

I felt my IT band hurt a lot during poses, especially during “warrior 2”. He mentioned poses in which scar tissue would be breaking down, and although I felt discomfort I smiled to myself knowing this would be beneficial. During a “downward dog” that turned into “scorpion” and then “flip your dog” he ended the pose by telling us to workout one last important muscle – our smile. I was so happy, I actually couldn’t help but actually smile. So many things I always wonder if I’m doing right, I felt like he reassured, without me even asking. Certain points when you’re shaky or uncomfortable he explained meant you were doing the pose correctly and gaining strength.

I left drenched in sweat, tired and smiling.

I’ll close with the same thing our class closed…

“the light in me honors the light in you.”


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