30 Days of Yoga. Day 9

Vinyasa Level 1 @ Ra Yoga


I didn’t want to go to a Vinyasa class today because I’m sore and tired, and a few days ago I explained how I feel about “chaturanga.” However, I also wanted to go for the same reasons…because I want arm strength, and to work on things I’m not good at. I finished work just in time to go to to this class. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a full class, but I had plenty of space in the front, next to the teacher. I enjoyed this class because a. the teacher did poses and movements I have never done before and b. I began noticing my arm strength and balance improve. My Vinyasa movements through chaturanga are a lot more controlled than they were at the beginning. In previous classes, I have been so shaky that I skipped some and went straight into downward dog. This class, I did every single one and found myself looking forward to them.

My boss told me this morning, once you get through the hump, yoga gets better.  I think I’m there!


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