30 Days of Yoga. Day 8

Hot Ra 1 @ Ra Yoga

Monday after work I went to Hot Yoga. The class wasn’t too crowded, and I got a spot at the front right by the mirror, which is helpful so I can check my poses. The teacher started the class more than 10 minutes late. This was not only annoying, but frustrating. However, as with everything I am trying to gain from this experience, I told myself several times not to let that interrupt the quality of my class, and that it wasn’t a big deal. (Although I kept arguing with myself, saying it was a big deal, because it cut into my day ha ha).

Once the class started, and the teacher got her ipod to work – adding another couple minutes of waiting… I felt great. I remembered how soothing and motivational it is working through poses in a class where a teacher is talking. Although I wanted to stay annoyed at her, she would say spiritual things about letting go of our ego, along with words to physically challenge ourselves.

When we finished I felt like I had sweat out all the bad from my day, really relaxed, but also drained – like I pushed my physical limits and my flexibility.

This series, might be one of my favorites along with power yoga.


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