30 Days of Yoga. Day 7

Rocket Power Yoga Athletic Training Series via Method Yoga by Reed Taylor

I  had Sunday off! I went to a Yelp Party with a friend aboard a giant battle ship. We had so much fun sampling food and drinks and doing all the activities from exploring the museum, to getting complementary massages. Our adventure continued walking around a hike around backbay and watching the water, to cracking jokes all day. I didn’t want the fun to end but I needed to get a yoga class in before bed. Mondays are my long days, so I called it a night and went home to another YouTube video. This one started out simple enough. I was drawn to the title because “athletic training” sounded like it would be different from the stuff I’ve been doing. All of a sudden it went from reasonable poses, to hand stands. Hand stands where the teacher flew into the handstand and held it for minutes. I did my best to do my own inversions. I didn’t want to stop the video halfway through so I just kept trying, but the poses got really difficult. At the end when another set of hand stands came up, I did some twists I’ve learned from classes, and ended my practice on my own.

Even though this wasn’t ideal, I still feel my soreness turning into strength.


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