30 Days of Yoga. Day 5

Beginning Power Yoga @ Core Power Yoga


Thursday, Friday & Saturday I work until around 3 AM. So those nights I try to sleep in, if I can’t I usually try to take a nap. Since this was my first weekend of the 30 days, I was hoping I would get enough sleep, because with limited class options, I needed to fit a class in the middle of the day. After getting things done, I found a class at 3:30, that would get me back home in time to go to my Mom’s birthday dinner. I was excited that it was a beginning class – because much different from RA beginner classes –  I remember loving the helpful teachers, and the random head massage & adjustments they do.

I was nervous, that the class wouldn’t be as good as I remembered. Luckily, I was wrong. It was even better. There was about 10 of us in the class, so we had plenty of space. The teacher was AWESOME. I’ve had great yoga teachers before, but this one was so excited and sincere you couldn’t help but be the same way. He took time to explain poses, but still powered through them. He seemed to know everyone’s name, including mine, and complimented or corrected poses with our names. It was kind of cool. My arms were already feeling sore before I got to the class, and this one, had so many planks that my arms felt like jello. I felt like I really pushed myself. I feel like my heels are getting closer to the ground during my downward dogs ( Yoga goal : have heels touch ground during downward dog).  In a pose that I usually put my knee down for help, I was able to do it without it – shaky – but I did it. I focused on my breathing. This class was really challenging, but fun. My legs were too shaky to do “crow” yoga pose. I was disappointed, but I’ll get it soon. With just 5 days I already feel like the names of poses are sticking to my brain more, and I’m correcting myself little by little.

The teacher kept telling us that breathing powered us, our machine. During the core part of the class – where we did sit ups and such, he went on and on about how this gives us power and energy. I was so tired, but I definitely felt burst of powers throughout.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s class.


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