30 Days of Yoga. Day 4

Intermediate Prana Shakti Yoga @ home (All-In-Yoga app)


I’m caught up! This was today. After catching up on the blog, I spent the day at the beach. 103 degrees and I’ve had work during this whole heat wave. I had to venture to the beach at least one day. It felt amazing being in the water & laying out by the sun.  My friends and I enjoyed the sun and the sand, then got acai bowls & smoothies. While we were at the beach, one of my friend’s who is a cross fit coach started talking about joining his gym. Not sure how one thing led to another, but eventually I was showing him how to “flip your dog” which I recently learned to do – then we were both doing head stands on the sand, or more like he was doing them, and I was trying to, while our other friend laughed.

I got home with a couple of hours before I had to be at work, so I decided to do yoga from an app called All-In-Yoga on my phone. It was actually pretty challenging. I’ve used the app before, and it’s definitely easier after you have gone to guided classes because it shows still pictures, not videos. My arms were killing me during some of the poses, I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’m hoping not to use the app too many other times, unless I am in a time crunch, or out of town. Although I think it served its purpose, I want to use the teachers as much as possible.  Plus, halfway through, my mom dropped my niece off in my room because she had to go. So in between her cartoons, she starred at me do yoga and wanted me to sing along with her songs…so at one point I was singing “itsy bitsy spider” while on “downward dog.”

See you tomorrow! Namaste!


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