30 Days of Yoga. Day 3

Restorative @ RA Yoga


My only experience with a restorative yoga before this wasn’t memorable. I was still in the mindset that if you don’t feel drained after a workout it did nothing for you. Cross country and track running made me feel this way about working out. This is a big reason why I started yoga, to become a more balanced runner. Now that I know taking time to hold a stretch, relax, and meditate is beneficial spiritually and physically I still wasn’t as excited, but I wasn’t against it. It was the class that best fit my schedule this day, and I was actually sore from bartending Monday, and just being busy. This class was much different than the one I tried before. They had candles lit, and there was a lot of people, but everyone had space around them. The teacher’s voice was soothing, and he was helpful. I actually really enjoyed this class. It was a much faster pace than I expected, but still just a few stretches that you held for a long time. We used blocks, blankets, a strap, and a pillow. I think I heard someone snoring. ha ha.

I could feel my hips, where my IT band injury still lingers sometimes, really open up. It helped me relax and over-all feel really good after I left. In our final pose “shavasana” where you lay down on your back, let your legs relax and your arms to the side and hands facing up, the teacher said something I liked. He mentioned to remember to keep your palms open to be able to receive whatever gifts might come your way. This might sound a bit “hippy-ish” – if my brother reads this, he will laugh at me for sure, but what he said stuck. We have to be open and ready to receive good at all times. Lastly, he walked by adjusting people. Even in that pose, which most classes end with, I didn’t think there was anything to adjust. However, he moved my arms out further, and I could feel the difference and how much more I felt grounded to the earth and relaxed, yet challenged. Day 3 was a good one.


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