30 Days of Yoga. Day 2

Vinyasa Level 1 @ Ra Yoga


First time I went to this studio they had me write something of intention on a block, they said to write it as if it was already true. It’s in their bathroom now. Such a cool reminder to myself and how badly I wanted to run again. (I wrote “I am an injury free runner”)

This was on Tuesday. I am trying to catch up on blogging, so I can post these on the actual day. I don’t have a computer currently though, so I’m using one at work. I just came here to get this done, thinking no one would be here, and one of my bosses just came in and asked me for manila folders. ha ha.

I had a really long day Tuesday, I was at work for most of the day, went to my niece’s swim class, ran errands, ate dinner and made the last 9pm class at Ra Yoga. I was feeling really inundated and stressed out.  I wanted to leave as soon as I got there. Instead I cried, yes I know this might be a little much to read, so feel free to stop. I wasn’t crying because of work, or simple stress – I swear I had a real reason, but this whole thing is about yoga, and how it’s going to help me physically and spiritually, not about why I was crying in class. For the entire first 10 – 15 minutes of the class, I was crying so much that I couldn’t breathe through my nose. Our beginning poses started with child’s pose, and continued with stretches on the mat. No one could see me, but tears completely drenched my mat. They would have been hidden by the sweat, since this was supposed to be a heated class…however because it has been 100+ here anyway, the teacher decided not to heat up the classroom.

As we moved on to standing  I still wanted to leave, but I kept going. This class was super crowded, not like my class the day before. Every spot was taken, and right before it started someone took the spot directly in front of me. After 20 minutes or so, I could breathe through my nose again and had calmed down. Then I realized that I am not a fan of the beginners classes, at least not at this studio. I know you attract how you feel, and since I was feeling low this is all my doing, and today I can laugh about it – but it wasn’t funny then.

The girl directly in front of me was doing weird interpretive dancing moves – when the teacher would say things like “tuck your tail bone” she would literally use her hand to push her tail bone down, her arms were very flowy and she kept moving back into my mat. Not slightly, but like arm in my face with a back bend, or foot down on my mat on a lunge. I kept thinking when we made contact she would move up, since I was against the wall, but she would literally stay there through the entire pose.  Then the lady to my right was there for her first time. Not just to that studio, but to yoga. She was struggling with poses, and the teacher didn’t come by and help her – which I didn’t like. She fell over a few times, also into my mat. ha ha ha.

Vinyasa classes I also think are not my favorite. One of the things I want to work on is arm strength though. When I did yoga a lot, I remember the constant “chaturanga” I got a lot stronger. What does this mean? I should take this class more often during these 30 days.


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