30 days of yoga. Day 1

Hot Power Fusion Class @ Core Power Yoga

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset(pre yoga breakfast – gourmet doughnuts with Kiyomi & Loic)

I’ve wanted to do 30 days straight of yoga for a while. I thought after I ran my marathon would have been the perfect time to help my body heal. The universe had other plans for me. Now months later, I still feel like with trips, and work, and so many things to do, it’s not the right time. However, in my spiritual search of self knowledge and improvement – I have been reminded over and over that, often when you don’t have time for things, it’s when you need to do them the most.  Like with meditating. You’re so busy that you think sitting down for 20 minutes will really cut into your schedule, when in reality it will probably help you get all those things done more efficiently. I wasn’t thinking I would start this, until I was already in a yoga class. A groupon I got expired this day, and I had no time to go into a class because I made plans to meet with friends for breakfast, take a friend from Riverside to LAX, go to my niece’s swim class, & then go to work at night. I didn’t want to lose out on the groupon, because it’s from a yoga studio I love.  So in between breakfast & the 3 hour drive to airport and back I found a class I could squeeze in.

About 3 years ago I started doing yoga, trying out new places.  I did it on and off, and then trained for a marathon in which I stopped yoga completely. I would say at the time I was doing it the most, I would consider myself intermediate… I feel like yoga is not like riding a bike though, after not doing it regularly for a year or so, going back feels like you are less flexible, and is it possible to regress with balance? Because I am falling over just standing on both feet, with prayer hands. Ha ha ha (seriously, though).

Anyways, I got to the studio feeling a little anxious. I just got back from a trip to South Carolina, and I have been stressing over having to catch up on work, and sleep etc.  There were only a few people in the class, so I felt ok. I felt my thoughts wondering, getting more anxious, thinking of all the things that could go wrong & realizing this, I laughed at myself for doing the very thing I am trying to avoid – not being present. It was an internal battle between my poses & movements, my emotions from my personal life were all over the place as I continued on…and that’s when I thought, why don’t I do this every day for 30 days starting now. I wanted to resist right away, I hadn’t prepared,  I might go on another trip…on and on and on…but I decided I pushed it back long enough. I would do it, and I had already started. I finished the yoga class feeling tired but accomplished.  I was lost on a pose and wished the teacher had helped me. It’s hard for me to ask for help. I told myself this would be something I would work on. The sweat from the heated room & my movement left me feel cleansed. Let’s see what happens.


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