tsk tsk Tuesday

I decided to start something for my blog where I can sort of vent or complain about things I notice that I dislike. Nothing too serious, mostly kind of funny.

Here’s my first tsk tsk Tuesday…

Wearing White to weddings!

In the past few months I’ve noticed females  posting pictures, or being tagged in pictures wearing some sort of off-white or pink, or full on white with some other color thrown in.

When going to a wedding anything that resembles white should be avoided, this is the one day the bride should have all the focus on her, and white is totally her thing! (read in  Gretchen Weiners voice). But seriously, even if your white dress has a black design on the side, it’s still white! Even if it’s “off-white” it’s still white!!! Pearl, or light pink, just don’t do it!



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