Mango in Europe

A few days after I graduated college I got on a plane with one of my close college friend’s & her family to Europe. I can’t actually quite remember where the plane stopped first, but I remember  traveling for over 24 hours, two or three stops on a plane and 2 train rides later we arrived in Wales with very swollen feet – in what looked like  a Harry Potter village. This was my first time experiencing jetlag, as all my other travels had only been in the US, Mexico and Central America. My friend and I were so disoriented and confused for our first day or two there, but we were young and couldn’t complain about the long exhausting travel hours, since our flights were only $700 round trip. Her parents had traded in one of their timeshares somewhere, and used it in Wales. So many people asked me why we were going to Wales, or ” where the hell is Wales?” or “wait Whales? Will there be dolphins too?” I figured by people’s questions that it wasn’t too popular of a destination for a recent college grad, but again the flights were ridiculously cheap, I didn’t have to pay for lodging, and I would be going with my good friend after serious wanderlust had set in from finishing school.

I’ll never understand people’s comments, this place was one of the coolest places I have ever been to. I’ve always been a fan of destinations that aren’t too “popular” I love going somewhere you feel is still protected from dumb travelers. The couple of weeks we spent here were so calm and fun, totally different than anywhere I had ever been. Laugharne, was a calm little village, literally everyone knows each other. There is one pub which we frequented, a castle,a cemetery and Dylan Thomas’ home. The views in our cabin were phenomenal, and the large body of water below rose and dried out every day.

We also visited Cardiff which was a very cool popular college town, a lot more touristy with lots of international visitors. In our trip we also went to London and did all the typical big city things, double decker bus, London bridge etc. In Wiltshire, which is also in England we went to see Stonehedge…which had unfortunately just recently been fenced off because tourist had started to wear the rocks down.

Our last stop was Ireland, where we drank in awesome pubs with the locals, I believe in a city called Kelly, stayed at bed and breakfasts that made you feel you were in a movie – the cutest little hosts would set u up in their rooms. It was so cool. Ireland was breath taking, I have never seen so much green in my life, everywhere you looked you saw beautiful mountain tops. I like watching movies with Ireland as their setting, because I am always reminded of this trip.


Giant chess set near our cabin in Wales.


Met some guys who were camping who attempted to take us out on their little boat. Currents were crazy though!


London Eye!


Laugharne, Wales

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This is a famous park in London. Apparently if you hang out at this fountain for one hour, no matter who you are or where you are from, it is so famous you’re supposed to see someone you know! (we didn’t stay that long)


Playing a drinking game at the pub in our village.

251653_818798189818_11705412_40297740_6889873_n 249873_818796957288_11705412_40297719_6158376_n 248726_819125843198_11705412_40302852_3239476_n



London 🙂




Guiness Factory.


London bridge is falling down…

europe 310 europe 321 europe 405 europe 406 europe 470

My this is proof Crystal and I were at Stonehedge shot.

europe 471

Regatta during a day festival in Wales.

europe 482

Drinking cider like the locals!

europe 492

Travel on!


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