It’s the first of the month!

I often hear people say New Years Resolutions are a waste of time, and that if you want to change you should start any day. Although I see their point, I happen to think there’s nothing wrong with starting something on New Years if you’re motivated enough to keep it up. I think often the people who say you can start any day, don’t ever start because they’re too busy saying how stupid it is to try to change on New Years.

I love new starts, I love starting a new year. I love Mondays. I love the idea of a new opportunity. I love the planning out of a new week, a new month… making list and lists of things I want to do (see: true Virgo).

In reflection of this past month and in welcoming a new one I wanted to highlight my favorite things about January!

Watching Django. Oh my God. Nothing short of AMAZING. So epic.


Tea Party fun. My sister in law had her bridal shower at a Spring Tea Garden. Although I thought this wouldn’t be my cup of tea (no pun intended) I actually had so much fun eating tiny little sandwiches, trying on hats and drinking fancy tea out of big porcelain tea pots.

tea party

My niece’s one month celebration. It is Vietnamese custom to celebrate a child life after they survive their first month.

one month

Celebrating “Los Reyes Magos” my brother and I both got the little babies in our slice. Guess I have to learn to make tamales.

reyes magos

Hiking Crystal Cove state park in the most beautiful weather.

crystal cove

Doing my taxes & finding out I’m getting a refund & reading 3 great books!

You were very good to me January, goodbye!


4 thoughts on “It’s the first of the month!

  1. sheri4l says:

    Wow you got alot done in January. I just feel like it happened to me and not I got things accomplished. Hoping my February is better even though it is shorter.

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