Water Claire


My brother and his wife are pregnant. Baby was due 4 days ago. I can’t wait to see what she is going to look like. Half Mexican half Vietnamese born in the year of the water dragon. Not just a dragon, but the water dragon…this only comes every 60 years. Water, the most essential element for life. Unlike the other signs…everyone gets along with water, water is needed. From my research, water dragons grow up to be presidents, scholars etc.

My brother, being the internet and computer nerd that he is made a website for her, and a twitter for her already. He tweeted from it the other day:

“Yes I have a website of my own and I haven’t taken my first breath.”

I got her a beanie when I was in Peru…to instill in her the importance of travel…baby mango Claire Elise, can travel the world and tweet about it. haha.

My mother and Helen discuss her learning Vietnamese and Spanish, and swimming lessons every time they’re together.

She must be able to hear all our nonsense, and that’s why she’s lagging on coming out.

Hurry up little one.



5 thoughts on “Water Claire

  1. sheri4l says:

    Loved hearing this is the year of the water dragon…that probably explains why my grand daughter will be president! I am looking forward to the big event also so I can read some of Oscar’s fatherly wisdom…..LOL

  2. Oscar says:

    You’re so funny. And yes, we’re thrilled that she’s a water dragon baby, and I think that as we enter this new age of technology a website and online presence is not just cute and fun, but an essential part of how life will be in the future… oh wait, the future is here. Now the Twitter account, yeah that’s just for fun. 🙂

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