10 Year Reflection

When I was in high school one of my track coaches was talking about his 10 year reunion. I swore then that there was no way I would go to my 10 year reunion, he laughed and told me I would change my mind when I was older. My 10 year reunion was last weekend, and I felt no desire to attend. In all the ways I have changed, skipping pep rallies is still very much a part of me.

It did get me to think though, about the past. 10 years since I stepped foot at that school, and still to this day there are some things I remember as vividly as if they happened yesterday.

I think about the people I was close to then. and don’t know now. My high school boyfriend and I who wrote we would be best friends for ever at the Charlie Brown Christmas house, are far from that. I look back at my time with him however, and remember a lot of good. The punk shows, the dances, and time spent with each others family. I remember I forced his parents to turn the tv off and play board games against everyone’s will. He always said his family liked me more than they liked him. I learned a lot from my time with him, and will always wish him well.

My closest friend – Ashley – I met on our first day of middle school. We sat next to each other in P.E. We endured the next 6 years together, we worked at the same places, were in the same classes, did choir together… went to prom in the same group. She is still to this day my best friend, even from half way across the world we talk as much as possible, and were lucky enough to live with each other a few years ago.

English and Running were the two other most important things to me in school. This much hasn’t changed. I look back at the couple of English teachers who made such a difference in my life and remember them fondly. I still remember the day I sat down to read Catcher in the Rye, already so behind in class. I thought I’d get one or two chapters done, but I got through two thirds of the book in one sitting. My Mom got me into reading when I was very small, but this was different. This was the first book I had to read for school that I realized I liked, no, I loved. The most useful and important lessons I learned in school came from my English teachers.

High school was where I learned to run. I loved running since I was little, I was always running in Mexico – during recess, during break, playing tag – even if I was the only girl. High school however, I learned the ins and outs of running as a sport. I truly fell in love with everything from 9 mile hill runs, to 400 meter repeats on the track, to the adrenaline you feel during a race.

Happy 10 year people.



5 thoughts on “10 Year Reflection

  1. Janet Stephenson says:

    Wonderful reflection, Ursula. It’s giving me some inspiration to consider my last 20 years. Yes, it’s been 20 since I graduated. 😉

  2. Oscar Gonzalez aka @notagrouch says:

    I skipped my 10 year reunion as well. I wasn’t really into the whole group thing but like you, I’ve kept in touch with some of my closest friends over the years. We try to have lunch and hang out once a month. Thanks for the trigger to walk down memory lane.

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