Do one thing every day that scares you…

November didn’t start out to be my month. My extreme high from summer and my travels to Peru came crashing down hard upon my return, leaving me a little empty and lost. I focused way too much on work from the second I got back, trying to catch up on what wasn’t done while I was gone.

Not having a trip around the corner, I didn’t put priority in my usual workout/nature routine…and fun? Forgot all about that too.

A couple of weeks ago, in my attempts to snap out of my mental rut I thought about what I could do for fun. I had a groupon for a pole dancing class, but was exhausted from (you guessed it, work). Although it took some effort, I drove to the class not knowing what to expect. As I walked into the studio I was pretty nervous, had that weird feeling in the gut of my stomach, and immediately felt a rush of energy. The excitement and fear of doing something new instantly changed my mood.

I didn’t stop being nervous the entire time. The teacher was really helpful, since I was the only beginner. This was like no athletic class I had ever been in. There were 4 poles, mirrors and red mood lighting. It was almost 2 hours and I was sore for over a week. I gotta hand it to strippers, they must be in GREAT shape.

On this first day of December I want to remember my dab in pole dancing, so I can remember to push myself to do things I’ve never done, to try something new this month every chance that I get. Do things completely out of my comfort zone, so I am being challenged and I continue to learn.

Happy December people.



4 thoughts on “Do one thing every day that scares you…

  1. Oscar Gonzalez aka @notagrouch says:

    Awesome! We still have to catch up about the Mexico trip and I want to see more pictures from Peru! I’m glad you found something to revitalize you. It isn’t like you to be down or blah. And welcome to the #30dbc. I’m so glad you’re doing it!

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