#53. Do a Keg Stand

From: 101 things in 1001 days.

Completed: January 2010

Sunday night my girlfriends and I were invited to “The Magic Castle” in Hollywood, by none other than the owner of Dimples Karaoke Bar (totally normal, I know). We rode off into the sunset, well…the hollywood hills – in style aboard the Dimples white limousine. Stepped out into the Magic Castle, and boy was it magical. After cake, vodka cran, card trick, vodka cran, magic show, laugh, vodka cran, photoshoot in the bathroom (no pictures were allowed anywhere else) we were magic-ed out, happy, and heading towards the white limo. We thought we would then be going home, until Mr. Dimples announced we were stopping by a party….

We pull up to a college-esk, garage party with a White trash theme. At this point I am having trouble processing reality, because it includes a 1909 Magical mansion, Tippi Hedren, Japanese magicians and now a party with biscuits, weiners, and fried chicken – and don’t we all have to get up for work tomorrow?! Oh, and I mentioned we are dressed up in cocktail dresses right?!

So after the mental overstimulation settled, I saw a keg in the back of the garage glowing in all it’s glory, angels danced around it singing hallelujah… as I remembered #53 on my list. Not two seconds after I mention to my friend Nicole that I should try to take advantage of the opportunity, that she had already scouted and recruited two guys to hold me up.

And just like that I was doing my first (and most likely last) keg stand…in heels

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