Hello 2012

I’ve been working on finalizing my 2012 resolutions, and just as I did; I decided not to post them, except the continuance of – reading 12 books a year. In my desire to always read more, I realized I wasn’t reading enough because I just have too many books. Simplifying it to one a month has made it easy to knock off one at a time.

Instead of resolutions I decided to remember how incredibly blessed for the travels in my last two years. I often think of the time I spent  backpacking in 2009 as one of the times I have been most free. I traveled for over 7 months without settling in one place for more than a few weeks. I miss it.

I wish I could take off again without a plan for return, but working on paying off my debt and focusing on my career were the focus of my last two years. Which is how I came to become a tourist in my surroundings and coining the whole “traveling is a state of mind” thing. I’ve set out to try new foods around here, meet other travelers, go to open mic nights, art shows, anything and everything that would allow me to be a traveler while stationary.

When I think back however, I have been extremely lucky to still make it on some really amazing trips. Not for months at a time, some weekends, some a few days, but these trips have been memorable, and have changed my path time and time again.

Here are my travels from the past couple years in pictures…

New York City. Subway. Halloween 2009

Palm Springs. Ace Hotel. 2010

San Francisco blurr. April 2010.

Viva Las Vegas. Memorial day weekend. 2010

 Cancun  for a friend’s wedding. 2010

Hearst Castle. California. 2010

More Vegas. All business at XS. September 2010

 I needed a sunrise. Boston. November 2010

 Chicago changed my life. Dec 2010.

Miami, FL. WMC. March 2011.

Colima. March 2011.

Las Vegas .Lavo. Memorial Day Weekend 2011.

First starbucks. Seattle, WA. June 2011

San Luis Obispo. Me & the back of Brett Dennen’s head. July 2011

Party Rock Monday at Marquee, Las Vegas. This time for work.

Occupy Wallstreet. New York City. October 2011.

As I looked over these pictures I smiled at the memories they brought to mind, and let out a deep sigh in sadness. Some of these trips helped me heal, some trips showed me more of who I was, or who I surrounded myself with. For the most part these trips made me a better person, and gave me memories that make me burst out laughing when I remember some of the crazy things my friends and I did.

One thing I am constantly trying, and hope more for in 2012 is for me to live in the present moment. With these pictures and rememberance of my life in travels, I honor the memories. I take all the good and the bad, and leave it as a memory. I hope this year is filled with more traveling, more love and more growing. I hope I laugh more, and I hope I say yes to what I want more, and no to what others want from me or for me, unless I want it too.

Thanks to everyone who has traveled with me lately, to help forever change me.

I am ready for 2012 and the new travels it has in store for me.

Travel on.


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